Rough Rock List

Number Item Origin Retail Price Hardness Color

1 Clinochlore Russia $85/LB 2-2.5 Green
2 Ruby Zoisite Tanzania $30/LB 6.5-7 Green, Black, Pink to Red
3 Celesto Barite United Kingdom $50/LB 3-3.5 White to Light Orange
4 Common Opal Italy $5/LB 5.5-6.5 Multiple Colors
5 French Mix France $5/LB 3-4 White, Black, Gold
6 Sea Agate Italy $5/LB 7-Jun Multiple Colors
7 Smaragtite Switzerland $8.50/LB 7 Emerald Green
8 Polychrome Jasper Madagascar $8.50/LB 7 Multiple Colors
9 Flintstone Italy $5/LB 7 Brown, Green to White
10 Moss Agate India $6.50/LB 7 Green
11 Sodalite Namibia $8.50/LB 5 Rich Royal Blue, White, Orange
12 Lifeline Serpentine Slovenia $5/LB 5 Dark Green, White to Light Yellow
13 Writing Jasper China $20/LB 6.5-7 Grey to White, Black, Dark Red
14 Silver Crown Psilomelane "merlinite" Mexico $85/LB 6 Black, Silver
15 Pinolite Austria $5/LB 5 Yellow to White, Black
16 Blue Sky Aragonite Congo $20/LB 3.5-4 White to Light Blue
17 Kona Dolomite Michigan, USA $5/LB 3.5-4 Pink
18 Hazburgite Slovenia $5/LB 5 Gold Green
19 Rough Fossilized Bamboo Indonesia $75/LB 7 White to Yellow
20 Chalcedony Australia $150/LB 6.5-7 Green
21 Amber Indonesia $150/LB 2-2.5 Multiple Colors
22 Killer Blue Chalcedony Hungary $100/LB 6.5-7 Blue
23 Spectrolite Finland $1/g 6-6.5 Shiny Colors, Black
24 Rough Moonstone India $1/g 5.5-6 Shiny White, Black
25 Azeztulite North Carolina, USA $1/g 7 Transparent
26 Lizardite Norway $40/LB 5 Bright Green, Black, White
27 Serphinite Russia $60/LB 2-2.5 Silver Green
28 Sugilite South Africa $0.75/LB 5.5-6.5 Pink to Purple
29 Thulite Norway $120/LB 6-6.5 Pink
30 Opal Kosovo Magure, Kosovo $65/LB 5-7 Light Green to White
31 Agate Hungary $10/LB 7 Multiple Colors
32 Sunstone India $250/LB 6-6.5 Red Gold
33 Tourmaline Brazil $1.50/g 7 Multiple Colors
34 Small Fossilized Bamboo Indonesia $1/g 7 White to Yellow
35 Royal Dendrite Sicily, Italy $15/LB 5 White to Pink, Black
36 Indian Blanket Utah, USA $10/LB 7 Multiple Colors
37 Kyanite Norway $15/LB 4.5-7 Blue
38 Rhodonite Romania $30/LB 5.5-6.5 Pink, Black
39 Olivio Jasper Agate Sicily, Italy $5/LB 7 Red to Yellow
40 Lapis Lazuli Afghanistan $25/LB 6 Light Blue
41 Chrysocolla Peru $15/LB 6 Green, Black
42 Labradorite Madagascar $5/LB 6-6.5 Dark Smoky Grey w/ Rainbow
43 Rose Quartz Madagascar $4.50/LB 7 Pink
44 Aventurine India $4.50/LB 6.5-7 Green, Shiny Blue
45 Pietersite Namibia $25/LB 6-6.5 Blue, Orange
46 Moss Agate Montana, USA $4.50/LB 7 Red, Orange, White
47 Blood Stone (Fancy Jasper) India $5/LB 7 Black, Green, Red
48 Ruby in Feldspar India $30/LB 6-6.5 Red to Green, Grey
49 Bird's Eye Rhyolite Australia $4.50/LB 5-7 Blue to Pink
50 Pipe Stone Utah, USA $4.50/LB 2.5 Brownish Red
51 Variscite Nevada, USA $25/LB 4.5 Yellow, Green Blueish
52 Sand Stone Colorado, USA $3.50/LB 6.5-7 Tan, Brown, Yellow, Red, Grey
53 Boulder Opal Australia $10/LB 
54 Astrophilite 
56 Dendridic Opal Magure, Kosovo $60/LB 
57 Fossil Wood 
58 Hyalit 
59 Eclogite $10/LB 
60 Chrysocolla Sonora, Mexico $35/LB 
61 Larimar Dominican Republic $3/g White, Light Blue
62 Sonora Sunset Sonora, Mexico $45/LB 
63 Porcelanite Durango, Mexico $5/LB 
64 Aventurine India $5/LB 
65 Frog Jasper 
66 Wonder Stone Utah, USA $4.50/LB 
67 Rose Quartz $5/LB 
68 Turritella Agate Wyoming, USA $4.50/LB 
69 Thunder Eggs $5/LB 
70 Lace Agate $8/LB 
71 Rhodochrosite Argentina $100/LB 
72 Green Zebra Jasper India $6/LB 
73 Epidote $4/LB 
74 Amazonite Crystal Peak, Colorado $12/LB 
75 Petrified Wood Colorado, USA $5/LB 
76 Fluorspar Colorado, USA $4.50/LB 
77 Spiderweb Obsidian Mexico $8/LB 
78 Smoky Quartz Colorado, USA $12/LB 
79 Obsidian $5/LB 
80 Dino Bone $20/LB 
81 Assorted $3.50/LB 
82 Slabs Assorted $1/oz

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