Moon Mountain Gems

We are Moon Mountain Gems, a true rock shop offering mineral and fossil specimens, rocks found locally, gear for field collecting, and rough rock, slabs and tools for lapidary work. We have the widest selection of minerals, fossils, and gems in Western Colorado. The Owner, Seth Cain, having entered the gem show circuit more than 8 years ago, spent numerous field trips over the years and having purchased many truckloads of rough rocks, has amassed a huge and varied pile. He continues adding to the inventory via mining, gem circuit sales and vending at such venues as the Quartzsite and Tucson shows, and about 5-8 Colorado gem shows a year for specialty items. Seth specializes in rough rock and professional diamond tools. Lapidary artists can find a huge assortment of rough lapidary rocks and slabs. Those favoring a faceting machine over a cabbing machine will find raw gemstones. Those who prefer to buy finished stones for hand-crafted or pre-made settings will find jewelry-making supplies and findings, along with cut and polished cabochons and other prepared stones ready to set or to wire-wrap.

At Moon Mountain Gems we do stock new and used machines including flat laps and tumblers. We carry affordable slabs and stones in the range of $1 to $150. We strive to offer something for every rock hound, new and old. Whether you visit our Rock Shop in Colorado or visit our booth at a Gem Show you will find bins of tumble-polished stones neatly sorted by color and type as well as mineral, crystal, and fossil specimens from around the world. In this age when the cost to enter the collecting arena veers on the astronomical, you will greatly appreciate a readily apparent emphasis on affordability. We have treasures from around the world and some mined locally in Colorado where our Rock Shop is located at 338 S. 2nd St. Grand Junction, Colorado. The Facebook Business Page can be found at We host Live Shows through Facebook and weekly auctions as well as ship worldwide. If you have any Questions please contact Seth Cain or Allison/Jiji Hamel at or through our Facebook business page. Thank you for visiting and we hope you have a great day.

Rough Rock

  • Ruby in Zoisite
    Ruby in Zoisite Ruby in Zoisite
  • Raw Amazonite
    Raw Amazonite
  • Rough Turquoise
    Rough Turquoise
  • Turquoise, Pyrite
    Turquoise, Pyrite
  • Tiffany Stone
    Tiffany Stone Tiffany Stone
  • Rough Shattuckite
    Rough Shattuckite

Lapidary Tools

  • Green dop wax – 1lb
    Green dop wax – 1lb
  • CabKing 8″ 110 volt
    CabKing 8″ 110 volt CabKing 8″ 110 volt
  • CabKing 6″ 110 volt
    CabKing 6″ 110 volt CabKing 6″ 110 volt
  • Diamond Powder Grit 10000
    Diamond Powder Grit 10000
  • Diamond Powder Grit 8000
    Diamond Powder Grit 8000
  • Diamond Powder Grit 6000
    Diamond Powder Grit 6000


  • "Desert Rose" Gypsum
  • Green Fluorite
    Green Fluorite
  • Yellow Fluorite
    Yellow Fluorite
  • Cristoballite in Fayalite
    Cristoballite in Fayalite Cristoballite in Fayalite
  • Black Tourmaline
    Black Tourmaline
  • Cobaltoan Calcite
    Cobaltoan Calcite Cobaltoan Calcite
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