Mini TreasureBox Plan

Mini TreasureBox Plan - Moroccan Village


Receive Crystal or Mineral of the month!

2-3 pocket or palm sized crystals!

All Shipping and Handling Included.

Crystals are sourced from around the world and selected by hand with care and special consideration.


What You’ll Get: Discover the beauty of Earth’s Treasures with a monthly subscription of the Moon Mountain Gem’s TreasureBox. Each box delivers a unique mix of crystals and gemstones, including rough, tumbled and stones in a cluster formation. Some boxes will include extras like pyramids, animal carvings, wands, gemstone pendants and more. All gemstones come individually wrapped and include an info sheet about its locality, physical properties, and mineral formation.

Your plan will ship between the 5th and 8th of every month. If your subscription starts after the 8th your order will be shipped within 3-5 days of order confirmation.

Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime.


A curated selection of crystals and minerals sourced from around the world. We offer four different subscriptions: The single specimen Crystal of the Month plan or 1 of 4 multiple Mineral Variety TreasureBoxes. Every monthly subscription includes a special, free surprise which may be a bag of mixed gemstones or a pouch of crystals. Every box comes with identification and information regarding every crystal or gemstone in the box. Every stone is hand-selected with care and special consideration each month.

Crystal of the Month Plan (Monthly Featured Crystal or Mineral) May Include a Set of Multiple Specimens!

1 of 4 Mineral Variety TreasureBox Plans (Monthly Selection of 4 - 6 Crystals or Mineral Specimens)

All Shipping and Handling Included. Crystals and Mineral Specimens are sourced from around the world and selected by hand with care and special consideration.

Packaged with extra care and durable materials by our in-house team. No outsourcing or fulfillment used. We are proud to ship directly to our subscribers!

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